Looking to expand to Quebec, develop bilingual content or adapt your communications strategy?


Forget traditional translation companies.
We are a localization team.


To understand French-speaking Canada or La Belle Province, you need to know how to speak to it, know its language, but also its references and cultural trends.


Serv is a team of translators, copywriters and marketing specialists who will add value to your communications. We will find the right words and impactful narratives to help your brand authentically engage with francophones.


We are your bilingual partner.

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Proud of your English content and need a French version that lives up to it?

We understand the challenges of developing impactful content for all parts of Canada, especially Quebec. As an extension of communications teams, our bilingual experts help brands localize content in both official languages, such as websites, social media, blogs, etc. Having doubts about your translated material? We can help with that as well.

Your English advertising campaign has proven itself and you want to adapt it into French?

Advertising adaptation is the most cost-effective way to connect with your audience in Quebec. We keep your visuals and your concept, but we adapt your content to engage with francophones.

Are you officially out of inspiration?

Creativity is our je ne sais quoi. Our copywriters collaborate with your team to craft custom creative content for your French-language campaign.


Our collaborations


Find out how our partners have successfully launched their translation and localization projects with us.

About Us

Serv is a team of bilingual experts that provides professional English-French translation and localization services. We help brands adapt their content in both official languages for all parts of Canada, especially La Belle Province of Quebec.

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